FENWAL & LICO proudly offer protection systems for the following types of "Life Critical" facilities:

Telecommunications Facilities
Internet Service Providers
Data Processing Centers
Specialized Facilities

Fire warning is a basic function.

Often early Detection of excessive high temperatures is most critical. Occasionally an early Detection of too high temperatures is most vital. Excessive heat, even without the presence of smoke, can be a potential hazard of fire or explosion. The prevention of a potential fire, caused by excessive heat, allows corrective action to avoid igniting flames. In conclusion – effective action can save lifes and protect high value buildings and assets. The system can be either used for single or redundant Heat Detection using 2 equal switching temperatures. It also can be using by programming 2 (or more) different switching temperatures. The flexible and highly effective system gives accurate data acquisition and warning of excessive high temperatures. Control Heat, alarm Overheat (OVHT), alarm fire Application References: Heating plants, Heating Rooms, Dryers, Exhaust systems, Wind power generators, Gasturbines, Industrial plants,Gas & Oil-industry, Enginerooms, Compressors, Chemical Plants, Energy-plants, Sauna & Wellness-facilities & many more.

Information for all PAF-Systems:

The Heat Detectcion for special applications. It can add safety in Fire-/Explosion prevention. The System contains a LICO Alarmpanel, 1 or more HDL Heat Detectors LICO and optionally an ATEX-certified Power Supply.All units are Dust-, Humidity- and Temperature-safe,switching contacts hermetically sealed (IP67),Various rate compensated switching temperatures from60 – 385°Care available. (see catalogue DAF Detect-a-Fire, Fenwal)It ispossible with the LICO Alarm-panel to collect Overheat- & Fire-Information and to alarm the both individually. Options:Switch fully stainless steel, Ex-certified Low VoltagePower Supply, Industrial Server UPS

Information for all CFD-Systems:

CFD – Continuous Fire DetectionThe Heat Detection for special applications.It can add safety in Fire-/Explosion prevention.It is more a Fire Prevention system, but works equally as a Fire Alarm System. The CFD is designed especially for very high temperatures. The “heart” of the system is a special stainless-steel cable-stylesensing element, which will get conductive and “switch” to ALARM when reaching the nominal temperature, whereever at the cable.CFD can clear an overheating within seconds.

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